What is a VPN?

A VPN - or Virtual Private Network - is a secure connection that anonymizes you online. It can help protect your sensitive information from being stolen, or access online content anywhere in the world.

Does a VPN slow down my internet connection?

Connecting to a VPN server may cause a brief delay, but often it is unnoticeable. Some ISPs may limit speeds on certain traffic, so a VPN could make these activities faster as a result.

Are VPNs safe to connect to?

VPN providers go to extreme lengths to ensure that your use of their service is safe. Some providers may record basic details of your connection. It pays to read a provider's log collection policies to determine if the service is right for you.

How can I check if I'm connected to a VPN?

VPN providers will often have software that does this for you. The software makes choosing a server and connecting just a couple of clicks away. The software will notify you when you are connected. This will then treat your connection as being in the chosen location.

What are the benefits of using a VPN?

There are many benefits to using a VPN with your internet connection. VPNs can allow you to access all content online with no restrictions. VPNs can also enhance your security online, giving you extra privacy and anonymity online.

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