The advantages of personal & corporate VPNs

Written by Elliot Puddle -

In a previous article we took a look at the main VPN archetypes and their core features. This time around we’re going to look at the major differences between personal usage of VPNs and corporate usage.

Corporate VPNs

All businesses will use a LAN (local area network) for internal resource and communication, but LANs are limited to the geographical area, meaning external and remote workers can not gain access. Businesses can bypass this limitation by using a VPN.

When a business or company has multiple offices, a VPN can be used to link multiple sites together to create a cohesive network across geographical locations. This allows for a consistent level of connection and communication.

Generally speaking, a remote or mobile worker will be able to get work done on an unsecured public network but their privacy is forfeited. Using a VPN, mobile workers can move from place to place while maintaining the security privileges of working from a private office.










Personal VPNs

Individual use for VPNs share similarities with corporate use but the purpose is different. While a business will use a VPN to maintain a consistent level of communication for work purposes, an individual will use one for seamless recreational purposes.

Video streaming is one of the the most common reasons an individual will use a VPN. Online video streaming services like Netflix offer specific products to specific countries based on current rights holders. This means each country is geographically locked preventing access from users in other countries.

VPNs can used to bypass most geolocks. By fooling a service into thinking you are in a different country, you can gain access to products and information that would have otherwise been locked.

Online gaming is another reason individuals use VPNs. Online games have servers based in specific locations for players to connect to. This can be based on the developers location or target audience. Bigger companies will offer multiple servers in different countries maximising player connection but this is not always guaranteed.

If configured correctly, a VPN can be used to host your network in a location similar to a gaming server location. This allows for higher consistency in connection while reducing packet loss and internet spikes causing interruptions.


It ultimately comes down to ease of access. In both cases, VPNs are used to make a user’s experience more comfortable. Having a secure connection is something individuals and corporate users desire. VPNs have a lot to offer, so finding the one that does the most will provide you with the best user experience.

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