Zoosk Review

Written by Sandra Pries -

Product Overview

Zoosk.com is arguably the world’s best dating app/website. It has a massive number of users, and besides Tinder, it is the most popular dating app in North America. The big secret behind its success is the adaptability and user-friendliness that it offers, ranging from the most customizable match options to the basic like-to-like matches. This provides Zoosk’s users the freedom that every potential matcher needs in finding their soulmate, as they can be as open to matching as they want to, and are able to exclude themselves from the screens of unlike-minded individuals.


Zoosk’s Main Components

Zoosk’s most notable innovation is the Behavioural Matchmaking technology, which refers to the deeply detailed analysis of its user activity. This excellent addition records all types of user preferences and compares them across its database, which further increases the chances of finding a successful match. In order to be shown to more potential matches, users need to go through a few verification steps. 
The more verified a user is, the higher their chance of finding a match. These processes serve the purpose of filtering out any false profiles, which creates the perfect and most legitimate matching environment. The final step towards becoming fully verified is uploading a seven-second video of yourself, which the staff later compares to your photographs and establishes your authenticity. 

Matching Strategies

1. Search

For the users that like to be in control of every single matching criterion, Zoosk’s search engine provides numerous profile filters. Age, religion, marital status, location and even ethnicity can be altered in the search section, allowing the users to make a perfect choice.

2. ZSMC (Zoosk’s Scientific Matchmaking Service)

The Behavioral Matchmaking system does its daily routine in selecting one potentially perfect match, shows the user profiles to one another, and if they both click accept, Zoosk instantly connects them.

3. Profile Carousel

Besides all the extra preferences and answered short questions, this is Zoosk’s best strategy of registering every user’s specific taste. In the carousel, the user goes through a series of optimized potential matches. By clicking “No”, “Maybe” or “Yes”, the users educate Zoosk of the type of person they’re seeking. After the carousel is over, the user is presented with one of the carousel choices that Zoosk picked for them based on the given answers.

First Use & Pricing

Anyone can sign up for a basic membership with Zoosk for free, set up a profile, view other members and find possible matches. However, to use the Dating Site to its full potential and communicate with an existing match, the user needs to sign up to a paid subscription plan. Zoosk offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

  • 1 Month:   $29.95/month
  • 3 Months: $19.98/month
  • 6 Months: $12.49/month

Final Thought

The overall issue with dating apps/websites today is their lack of customizability and adaptability to the user’s preferences. Zoosk’s innovative system found the long-awaited workaround for this issue, and as such, remains the #1 dating site on our list. 





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