Professional Match Review

Written by Sandra Pries -

Product Overview

ProfessionalMatch is one of the few sites out there that, like EliteSingles, offers romantic opportunities for well-educated and professional individuals. However, it differs greatly from EliteSingles and any other dating site for that matter, because of its manner of approach. Instead of the boring old “Yes and No” matching, you are invited to various interviews and screenings that will help your matchmaker determine who is compatible with you. Some sites try to get you married or to hook you up for a night, but ProfessionalMatch is all about relationships.


ProfessionalMatch’s Main Components

There isn’t much to the site itself; it’s the actual live service that makes it stand out. Your interviewer and matchmaker is there to aid you with anything you may require, ranging from date ideas to clothing suggestions, based on your potential partner’s tastes. The main selling point of this site’s service is its ability and near certainty of matching you with a viable and fitting partner. 

Matching Strategies

The Interview

You will meet up with the matchmaker for a detailed interview on everything needed for the matching process. They will question your resolve, your life goals, your mottos, your wage, your line of work, plans for the future, and everything else a professional partner would be interested in. Once enough data about you has been collected, the matchmaker will sift through their database and find you a fitting match. 
What you have to do beforehand is come up with a good list of preferences for your matchmaker to consider. Once they’ve found some suitable dates, you should help them even further by narrowing your choice down. If your choice also picked you in their interview, the matchmaker will ask you both for your available days and a date will eventually be set. So far, this is considered the most viable matching strategy on any dating site. 

First Use & Pricing

The signup process is fairly short, and there isn’t much to do once you’ve logged in. You can fill out the most basic info on your profile, which covers some standard user data that everyone should provide. There’s no search option on the site, nor any other place where you can see other people’s profiles. You will be invited to an interview, and once it’s finished, you can choose a subscription plan on the app. Professional Match offers monthly memberships. The prices are as follows:

  •  1 Month:    $31.99/month
  •  3 Months:  $19.95/month
  •  6 Months:  $15.95/month
  • 12 Months: $12.95/month

Final Thought

This is the only app we know of that utilises this innovative yet traditional matching strategy, and even though it strays from the norm as much as it does, it’s still pretty popular among its targeted consumers. For everyone with a busy schedule and a wish to experience a unique matchmaking system that’s mostly inexistent nowadays, ProfessionalMatch is the way to go.





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