First Date Survival Guide - 7 Super Amazing Tips

Written by Sandra Pries -

First dates are probably one of the most nerve-wrecking experiences a person could have. Meeting someone new is never easy, and the amount of nervousness you feel could lead to awkward situations. Here are some survival tips to save the day!










1.    Dress for the occasion

It is essential that you wear the most suitable clothing for the date. Over or underdressing might make both you and the other person feel uncomfortable. You should ask the location beforehand, maybe even do some research about it to know what kind of attire is the best choice.

2.    Have a conversation

You might think that the cool and broody type is the most attractive, but a one-sided conversation can become awkward quite soon. Your date might receive the message that you are not that invested. 

On the other hand, don’t be too talkative; give the other person the chance to participate as well. If you are the sole participant in the conversation, it could give the impression that you are too self-absorbed.

3.    Don’t be negative

Have you seen something that you do not like, giving you the urge to be vocal about your displeasure? You might want to rethink that. Being negative about everything can be a turn off for your date. After all, who wants someone who critiques everything?

4.    Have fun and be playful

Cracking a few jokes appropriate for the situation might help you. Being seen as someone who has good humor and is witty is quite desirable. But be careful, before using a joke test the waters. An inappropriate joke can have the opposite effects on your date.

5.    Don’t share far too much information

The name of your elementary school teacher should not be one of the key facts that you should share about yourself. Oversharing is often a turnoff for people. Yes, they want to get to know you, but this does not mean that you have to tell everything. Before stating facts ask this question in your head: Is this information vital for the conversation? If your answer is a no, then you should probably not share it on your first date.

6.    Be decisive

Being confident is something that most people find attractive. Knowing what you like and hate, or what you want to do or not is very important. Of course, this does not mean that you have to control everything. Not listening to the requests of the person in front of you is quite rude. You might end up not having a second date.


first date

7.    Handle your liquor

Drinking alcohol on your first date is not necessarily a taboo. The key point here is restraint. Right now you are not hanging out with your friends, but with someone who might be your potential significant other. 

So, you should never become drunk, not even tipsy. You might think that liquid courage is needed for the situation at hand, but too much alcohol and you might end up doing something stupid.

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