7 Tips For Safer Online Dating

Written by Sandra Pries -

Stay save Online Dating - Don’t let yourself be fooled!

Online dating is becoming more and more popular. While a few years ago it was quite embarrassing to admit that you are a member of such kind of sites, today meeting people online became really popular. You can meet all kinds of people in the safety of your home, without the hassle of going to parties in order to hook up with someone. But are dating sites safe? Here we give you 7 tips so that you can meet The One without it being dangerous!











1.    Only use popular dating websites

While the internet is filled with all kinds of platforms for people to get to know each other, you should be careful. Before creating an account search for dating site reviews in order to see which one is the best. The top dating websites tend to have policies that ensure your safety.

2.    Don’t share your personal information with anyone

This is a universal rule for whichever site you use. Sharing your e-mail address, telephone number, personal ID or home address with a stranger can be dangerous. They could easily dig up further information about yourself, and in the most extreme cases even steal your identity. We advise you to share only the bare minimum.

3.    Have your first date at a public place

If the other person wants to have your first meeting at your or their place, reject immediately. Since on the internet, everyone can say anything about themselves, you may never know with whom you are speaking with. While it might seem a bit over exaggerated, the person who you are talking with might be a criminal, looking for their next prey. Meeting at a place with several other people is much safer.

4.    Inform one of your friends/family members about it

Even if you are meeting at a public place, make sure to inform someone you know about the date. If something bad happens to you, there’ll be someone to alert the local authorities.

5.    Stay sober

If you become drunk or even tipsy, the other person might take advantage of you and make you agree to things you usually wouldn’t. That’s why you’ll have to stay on high alert, and don’t leave your drink unsupervised. Someone might put drugs in it.

6.    Go home by yourself

It’s really dangerous to go home with a person you barely know. Refuse their offer to take you home, since they’ll inevitably learn about your address, or even kidnap you if the chance arises.

7.    Do not invite them to your home

As mentioned previously, you shouldn’t invite anyone you barely know to your home. There have been several occasions where people got attacked by their would-be-dates in their home. There’s nothing more terrifying than being attacked in your own home.
If you keep in mind all of the above-mentioned tips, there’s no way your safety would be threatened during your date with a person you’ve met online. Good luck!

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